HNC Implements ViewPoint at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust


Salisbury District Hospital, part of the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, helps to deliver around 2,300 babies per year.

Salisbury’s incumbent foetal ultrasound system could not perform Nuchal Translucency (NT) Risk calculations (for Downs Syndrome screening) and patient record storage and retrieval was cumbersome.

The Problem

Salisbury’s incumbent fetal ultrasound system could not perform Nuchal Translucency (NT) Risk calculations (for Down Syndrome screening) and patient record storage and retrieval was cumbersome.

The Solution

The Trust identified a need for a new solution to replace their foetal medicine module. ViewPoint 6™ was selected to fulfil these requirements.

The Trust chose HealthNetConnections (HNC), the UK’s exclusive distributor of GE Healthcare’s ViewPoint and Trium CTG software to oversee their installation.

The ViewPoint 6 ultrasound application is a complete digital documentation system which provides robust reporting and image archiving functionality, whilst integrating patient scheduling, examination data and lab results into an electronic record. Different modules can be combined to build bespoke solutions and easily integrate with current systems. 

The system also transfers measurement data electronically from the ultrasound machine into the ViewPoint 6 system, allowing instant reporting of each exam.

ViewPoint 6 has provided the Trust with a variety of different options for the storage of its data, scan images and reports. 

Reports and images can be stored in ViewPoint 6 itself; or can be sent electronically to the RIS. Additionally, all exam reports (with plotted charts) can be printed out and placed in a woman’s notes contemporaneously.

ViewPoint 6 allows real time reporting and documentation of an exam; clinical notes and information can be retrieved and reprinted when required. It also fulfils the requirement that a 30 minute ultrasound appointment includes pre-scan counselling, an examination, post scan counselling and report writing. 

Prior to the implementation of ViewPoint 6, up to five minutes were being wasted by manually transferring measurements onto a template and printing a report. ViewPoint 6 fully supports Standard 4.6 of the ‘NHS Foetal Anomaly Screening Programme National Standards for England’ through the generation of a written report for all women, at the time of their scan.

Currently, ViewPoint 6 is receiving patient demographics from the Salisbury PAS system. Future plans are to integrate ViewPoint 6 with the maternity system to allow for ViewPoint 6 reports to be viewed within the maternity system and for ViewPoint records to be updated with delivery outcomes from the maternity system. 

With the project successfully delivered and with ViewPoint 6’s built in screening capabilities Salisbury District Hospital offers NT Scans as part of routine practice to all pregnant women.

What Our Clients Say

Lorna Bennett, Project Services Manager at the Trust at the time said: “This has been the best go live we have ever had.”