Free use of Tricefy during COVID-19

Together with our friends and partners at Trice Imaging, we’re offering Tricefy’s remote medical imaging tools free of charge for all new users during COVID-19.

We are aware that the NHS and other healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to offer our help where possible. HNC – together with our friends and partners at Trice Imaging – will provide Tricefy®, the remote medical imaging application, free of charge to any healthcare provider for at least the next 90 days.

This can help assist organisations to help keep patients and staff safe during COVID-19 by enabling telemedicine and remote reading capabilities for ultrasound exams through a secure, compliant system. The platform allows the provider to obtain real-time second opinions from colleagues when hospital access may be limited and to collaborate across multidisciplinary teams.

Installation is very quick, carried out completely remotely and there are no requirements for additional hardware. Simply a DICOM-enabled ultrasound machine, an internet connection and a PC on the local network.

  • Use Tricefy to keep patients and staff safe during COVID-19:
  • Maintain high-quality patient care while working from home
  • Remotely consult and collaborate with colleagues for improved patient diagnosis
  • Leverage telemedicine capabilities to interact with your patients
  • Secure, compliant storage of imaging studies for 12 months
  • Dynamic, adaptive reporting anywhere, anytime
  • Route studies between facilities and interface directly with your PACS or ViewPoint system
  • 100% remote installation and support included
  • No fees for at least 90 days, guaranteed*

Patient sharing, long-term archiving and customisation of reporting templates can be purchased separately. *Applicable for new customers only. For existing customers we can connect your referral partners for free.

If you are interested in obtaining Tricefy free of charge for a minimum of 90 days, please contact us today.