With Tricefy®, sharing and storing your ultrasound images has never been easier. All you need is an internet connection and either the Tricefy encryption software or an ultrasound machine with Tricefy Inside®, the rest is done remotely.

If your department also uses ViewPoint for your ultrasound reporting, you can automatically share your images and reports from directly within the patient record.


One Service Many Possibilities

A Simple and Powerful Tool


Access from any device

Secure & Compliant

Robust and 100% reliable


Capture and review data wherever you are


Share select images, reports, cases instantly


Save time and money


Intuitive and easy to use

Introducing Tricefy

Welcome to Tricefy – The Ultrasound Cloud. Replace printing, CD burning, snail-mailing and faxing of medical images with a faster, cheaper and more efficient communication solution. Share information with patients and other physicians and experience Tricefy’s zero-footprint DICOM viewer and integrated collaboration features wherever you are, from any device.

Tricefy Patient App

Sharing ultrasound images has never been easier. See how Tricefy can help to bring your patients and their family members even closer together during pregnancy.

Tricefy Case Study – Ultrasound Direct

Ultrasound Direct is an award winning healthcare provider of private ultrasound scans with 20 years of experience in providing reassurance to patients with more than 80 clinics across the UK.

Watch this short video to understand how Tricefy has enhanced their service.

What do our customers think?

“We have now been using Tricefy for eight months in our private clinic. Easy to use, reliable and amazing. The couple receives the scan and video on their phones before they leave the room. Great for the family, extended family and our business!”

Donald Gibb - Director, The Birth Company

“I knew Tricefy would be something my patients would love from the first minute I saw it. I was not wrong. The seamless and immediate interface between the images and videos on the ultrasound machine and their mobile or other handheld device makes the whole consultation more involved and more rewarding for both the sonographer and patient. It builds confidence and a unique relationship I’ve not seen for a long time.”

Nick Raine-Fenning - Director, Nurture Fertility