Trium CTG Online

A powerful CTG documentation and monitoring system just as vigilant and reliable as you are.

We understand that maintaining a non-invasive environment during labour is a priority for both mothers and midwives. Trium, a central CTG monitoring and archiving system, is strongly focused on reliability, ease of use, and diagnostic support. Trium CTG Online provides a central and reliable archive for your CTG and patient data. It allows smart and secure real-time access to all active CTG recordings using your web browser.


Web-based monitoring offers immediate and ongoing access to the information you need.

  • CTG Pattern Analysis According to FIGO Guidelines
  • Fast Access to a Second Opinion, Even for Offsite Teleconsulting
  • Simultaneous Surveillance of Several Monitoring Stations
  • Works in Distributed Environments Up to Home or Telemonitoring
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Minimally Invasive Installation


The optional FIGO Online Decision Support module replaces the basic threshold alarm with a sophisticated online CTG pattern analysis and classification system as recommended by FIGO1. The module can be used as a diagnostic aid that assists, but does not replace, clinical judgement. Trium CTG Online uses both the foetal heart rate (FHR) signal and the uterine activity signal to identify important components of the CTG trace such as the baseline FHR, characteristics of decelerations, accelerations, the short- and long-term fluctuations of the FHR, and the signal quality. Each of these criteria is continuously analysed and classified as normal, suspicious, or pathological taking into account the last evaluable 30-minute intervals. In addition, the module offers the calculation of STV according to Dawes/Redman2.

  1. International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)
  2. Implementation of this parameter according to the published information from Dawes and Redman.


Document and review the progress of labour with our highly customisable partogram. The partogram layout provides quick entry of maternal and foetal data, as well as the documentation of any event or procedure, and a quick overview of the labour progress.

  • Easily Switch Between CTG Recording and Partogram
  • View and Edit the Partogram Alongside CTG Traces
  • Print and Archive the Partogram as PDF
  • Intuitive, Browser-Like Navigation Throughout the Partogram
  • Presets and Configurable Drop-Down Lists
  • All Information in One View


Do more with your data. Benefit from a dedicated statistics package that allows you to monitor your activities and analyse your data efficiently.


We adapt IT to your needs. In close cooperation with your IT specialists, our project team will integrate the system according to your preferences.

  • Archiving: Printouts are available in PDF/A format. This format is recommended for long term electronic archiving.
  • Interface and Data Export: Trium CTG Online easily integrates with HIS, EPR, and Maternity systems to offer comprehensive connectivity based on standard communication protocols.
  • ViewPoint: Combine Trium CTG Online with the ViewPoint documentation and image archiving system for a comprehensive information solution for women’s health.