Streamlining Ultrasound Imaging and Reporting: A Tricefy Case Study for Mini Me 4D

The Background

Mini Me 4D, a Scottish-based baby scan clinic chose HNC to help integrate Tricefy™ to their business, providing the technology to offer fast storage and sharing of their ultrasound data.

By using the system in their clinic, Mini Me 4D is able to provide its customers with a range of different packages throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Replacing the need for printing, posting and faxing, the clinic can physically store imaging safely in the cloud and share it with patients in an efficient and cheaper way.

The Problem

Mini Me 4D was founded in August 2022, when Lauren Hunter BSc decided to open a clinic that offered professional and affordable scanning solutions to expectant parents.

When starting the company, Lauren had decided that she wanted to use Tricefy from the start.

The capability of Tricefy to share images electronically rather than using media made it an attractive platform.

“I initially heard about Tricefy by word of mouth through friends, colleagues and other people in the industry. Having done my initial research, it looked relatively simple and easy to use.” 

As a Trice Imaging partner, Mini Me 4D approached HNC to assist with setting up the system.

“We were looking for a simple way to send ultrasound images to my customers without the hassle of having to send individual emails or save images on a USB.”

The simplicity and reliability of the system have meant that the integration of Tricefy into a new business was immediately seamless and successful.

“The excellent customer service offered paired with the outstanding product has meant that we have been able to hit the ground running with a new business.” – Lauren Hunter, Founder of Mini Me 4D

Technology Used

With Mini Me 4D using a GE Voluson™ ultrasound device, no additional hardware was required. Tricefy is already integrated into the machine meaning that the only requirement was to connect it up to the network using a standard ethernet cable or wifi connection.

The Benefits

  • Enhance patient loyalty and retention by improving the speed and quality of communication
  • Improves marketing reach to boost customer acquisition
  • True mobile experience allowing users to view medical images on any device
  • Convenient sharing of images, clips, and reports with Tricefy patient app
  • Eliminates the sending large attachments via email or sharing via other unsecured means
  • Going green with reduced use of CDs and thermal prints
  • Providing patients with access to their own data
  • Vendor-neutral and no dedicated hardware investment is required