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About Us

At HNC, we’re a leading provider of healthcare technology to hospitals, doctors surgeries and private clinics across the UK and Europe. Our solutions help enhance workflow, save time, reduce errors and improve communication – allowing you to focus on providing quality clinical care to patients.

In the UK, we provide solutions to over 80 different NHS Trusts. Currently more than 250 individual hospitals, clinics and practices trust HNC with their imaging, reporting and data-sharing technology. 

We’re certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards, meaning that you can be assured that quality of the highest standards and customer experience are at the forefront of everything that we do. 

Our People

Our Products

ViewPoint 6™

ViewPoint 6 is one of the most comprehensive ultrasound data management systems available. ViewPoint has simplified ultrasound reporting and image management – providing one intuitive and adaptable system.


Tricefy makes sharing and storing ultrasound images simple and straightforward, enabling greater collaboration and patient care.

Trium CTG

Trium CTG Online provides a central and reliable archive for your CTG and patient data. It allows smart and secure real-time access to all active CTG recordings using a web browser.


Our unique Talk2 integration architecture works with existing hospital IT systems, utilising the best of breed software applications and puts hospital teams at the cutting edge of technology and efficiency all cost effectively.

Latest News

A Week in the Life – Karina Mashru

Each month, we interview a staff member from HNC, delving into their experience working for the company and the responsibilities that come with their roles. This month, our spotlight is on Karina Mashru. She shares her insights on case management, as well as other ad-hoc tasks she encounters on a weekly basis. How long have […]

27 July 2023

Digital Health and Wearable Technology: The Impact on Preventive Medicine

As our lives become increasingly connected and data-driven, the concept of digital health has emerged as a powerful force in healthcare.  Digital health encompasses a range of technologies, including health apps, electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth, and remote monitoring, all aimed at leveraging digital tools to improve patient outcomes and enable proactive healthcare. Accompanying the […]

10 July 2023

A Week in the Life – Christopher Khokhar

Every month, we catch up with a member of staff at HNC, where we find out what it is like working for the company, and what their roles entail. This month we caught up with Christopher Khokhar, who spoke about working at both our offices as well as on locations, helping to integrate our services. […]

16 June 2023

Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring — Improving Patient Outcomes and Reducing Costs

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, telemedicine and remote monitoring have emerged as powerful tools that hold the potential to revolutionise patient care.  With advancements in healthcare technology, medical professionals can now provide efficient and effective care to patients regardless of their physical location. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of telemedicine and […]

12 June 2023

Our Partners

We proudly partner with two of the leading healthcare technology providers in the world. We work closely with GE Healthcare and Trice Imaging to ensure that we’re working with the most cutting edge software and products that make a difference to our customers.

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Tricefy Health Partner

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