Introducing Talk2

Strong integration and an interfacing strategy is the key to linking various applications and systems from different providers that use different software. At HNC, we have decades of experience linking and sharing data between different systems. 

A good ultrasound reporting information system needs to receive knowledge from a number of different applications, including: 


Ultrasound Modalities.

Radiology Information System (RIS).

Maternity Information System (MIS).


CTG Monitoring and Archiving Systems.

Electronic Patient Record (EPR).

Pathology Systems.

Sharing Information Effectively

With the resulting ultrasound reporting containing a combination of images and graphs, this information can then be shared to feed other enterprise reporting systems such as RIS, PACS and document management systems. 

Our team is able to provide the training, expertise and knowledge to make this possible. This allows legacy systems to retain their value for longer through linking and integrating with newer systems as required – adding a real cost benefit. 

Our team is on-hand and able to assist to streamline workflows, increase the speed of delivery of results or create standardised procedures across multiple different locations.