Introducing Tricefy

Tricefy replaces the need for printing, posting and faxing, and physical storage of medical images with a faster, cheaper and more efficient communication solution.

Tricefy allows the sharing of information with patients and other clinical staff through the software’s zero-footprint DICOM viewer and integrated collaboration features allowing access from any device.

A Simple and Powerful Tool

Patient Sharing

Share images, clips and reports with the push of a button directly on your imaging device or from the Tricefy application. Your patients can then share them with family and friends, and other physicians for a second opinion. Use the Tricefy patient app to benefit from:

✓ Patient loyalty and retention. ✓ Patients can quickly and easily share images, clips and reports using the Tricefy Patient app
✓ Patient Acquisition ✓ Eco friendly, replace redundant CDs and thermal prints
✓ Empower patients with access to their own data ✓ Unique branding capabilities on patient portal through app and web


Collaborate with colleagues, referring physicians, external providers and industry professionals instantly for a second opinion, research, or education. Benefits include:

✓ Reduced costs and resources. Instantly eradicate the need for printing, DVDs, CDs, USBs, shipping and faxing ✓ Reduced time to second opinion. Instant access to colleagues and experts
✓ Improve education with online teaching files ✓ Improve quality of care and patient outcome
✓ Improve education with online teaching files


Help your facility satisfy compliance requirements with unlimited secure, long-term cloud storage. Tricefy gives you an exceptional tool for reviewing, archiving, searching and managing encrypted, high-resolution medical images and studies. Other archiving benefits include:

✓ Eliminates servers, backing-up on DVDs, external hard drives and/or tape drives ✓ Label, search and aggregate your data for future research or accreditation efforts
✓ Protect your patient data and privacy while exceeding requirements for data protection and off site storage ✓ Automatically connects each modality to long-term storage through a single button
✓ Ability to migrate legacy files and studies for a complete archive ✓ Access to studies remotely, from any device

Adaptive Reporting

Build and design your own reporting template. For instant sharing and interfacing with third-party systems. Efficient. Simple. Secure.

✓ Design your own report or select from a library of standard report templates ✓ Electronic signature supported
✓ Automatic measurement transfer ✓ Allows for remote reporting anytime, anywhere
✓ Pre-fill reports with default content, or snips ✓ Automatically upload to your EMR system
✓ Drag and drop images into the report

Tricefy Patient App

The Tricefy patient app can help to bring patients and their family members even closer together during pregnancy through its easy to share ultrasound images. 

What do our Customers Say?


“Using Tricefy has really given a layer of comfort that the data is securely stored. We can be safe in the knowledge that the transport security is world-class and compliant, not only in the UK but other geographies as well.”

Mike Steward – Director, Ultrasound Direct


“We have now been using Tricefy for eight months in our private clinic. Easy to use, reliable and amazing. The couple receives the scan and video on their phones before they leave the room. Great for the family, extended family and our business!”

Donald Gibb – Director, The Birth Company


Find out what the most common questions our customers ask about Tricefy with our FAQ page.