7 October 2022

At HNC, a large part of providing outstanding service and support is down to the hard work from our extremely talented and dedicated team.

To find out more about the people who keep HNC going, we have spoken to different staff members in our new A Week in the Life series.

First up is a Q&A with our Office Manager Kate Hicks.

How long have you worked at HNC?

I have been working at HNC for 8 years.

What is your job title?

My role is the Office Manager at HNC

What are your main responsibilities and duties at HNC?

My primary role and responsibilities are looking after the staff, making sure that they all
have the resources that they need, as well as offering support should any issues arise.
I also look after the company accounts and generally ensure the smooth running of the

What does an average week look like for you?

Due to the nature of my role, every week is always different. Even before the lockdowns and remote working began it varied, but this also brought a new set of challenges, making my job even more unpredictable.

What do you enjoy most about working at HNC?

I love working at HNC, we have a very close and tight-knit team which makes it feel like a little family!

How has the business developed since you started?

Since I began working for HNC in 2014 a lot has changed. From then to now the company has grown massively.

Is there anything upcoming that you are particularly excited about for the business?

What I find exciting about my job is that not one day is the same. Every day I have new issues that I have to deal with which are different every time. This can sometimes be straightforward, but other times not quite so, but it is a challenge I relish every day.

What do you think your role will be in five years’ time?

Good question, I really enjoy my current job, but who knows, I might be a company director by then!