12 January 2023

NHS Forth Valley has recently collaborated with HNC to help migrate their existing old Image Vault system to ViewPoint 6.

One of fourteen regional health boards in Scotland, NHS Forth Valley serves a population of 306,000 across a wide geographical area of central Scotland.

‘The need to replace an existing Image Vault system’ – NHS Forth Valley Cardiology Team

NHS Forth Valley approached HNC after realising that there was a need to replace and refresh their existing Image Vault system with an up-to-date solution for echo ultrasound.

They also identified this as an opportunity to introduce additional functionality to improve day-to-day use in the department. This included system integration to share data more widely around the organisation, as well as generally limiting the amount of manual data entry, reducing the risk of human error and mitigating clinical risk.

As a GE Healthcare partner, HNC have managed the transition to ViewPoint 6, providing assistance and support from the initial sale, project delivery and ongoing application support.

Speaking about the transformation, NHS Forth Valley Cardiology said “We are delighted with where we are with ViewPoint so far and we’re already seeing the benefits of the new system.

“We look forward to continuing to work with HNC as our system beds in, and we are very grateful to you for all of the support you have given us throughout the initial transition process.”

For more information on ViewPoint 6 and how we can help your team transform the workflow, get in touch with us today.