7 April 2023

A Week in the Life gives us a chance to showcase our incredible team at HNC.

In this edition, Neil Richardson tells us about his roles and responsibilities, as well as providing insight as to what life working at HNC is like.

How long have you worked at HNC?

A good while now! I’ve been working for HNC since July 2015.

What is your job title?

I’m a Service Desk Analyst.

What are your main responsibilities and duties at HNC?

My primary responsibilities revolve around customer support and ensuring our solutions are performing to their absolute best for the customer.

What does an average week look like? Do you have a set routine or does it change each week? What sort of tasks are regular and what is less so regular?

On a day-to-day basis my role involves diagnosing and fixing any reported problems as quickly as possible, as well as implementing change requests that may have been raised by our customers.

What do you enjoy most about working at HNC?

There is a lot of variety in my role. No two days are the same which I do enjoy as it keeps things interesting. I’m also lucky to work with such a great team, which I find both enjoyable and rewarding.

How has the business developed since you started?

Things have changed significantly since I started. We’ve added many more customers over the last few years, bringing more systems to support and customers to keep happy. The team has also grown in line with that which has brought a new dynamic with it

What excites you the most about work at HNC?

As I mentioned before, the variety of work and requests from our customers on a day-to-day basis is something I find enjoyable and interesting.

Where do you think HNC will be in five years time?

In five years’ time, I expect more of the same really. Given the amount of growth we have seen in recent years, I would expect to be supporting even more customers and working as part of a growing team.